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Snape in kitten ears.
Your argument is invalid.

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This blog actually started as a poetry blog. Now for some poetry, if you will.

"So Alone and Misunderstood"

I think I’ve been misunderstood. 
I think I’ve been misunderstanding. 
Thoughts I’ve been having about you.
Thoughts I’ve been having about you.

My mind has been clouded
By misconceptions made by you.
My head so muddled
By misinterpretations created by me.

What more can I do, 
When I know I will lose you?
What more can I say,
When the world I live in
            Now bares this ugly wound.

When the wound heals,
And my life unveils its scar,
I will slither along my path
Wise to the fact that you helped pave it.

I used to call upon you,
When I need this help.
Who can I call now?
You’ve left me so alone.

I wished there was more.
I wish you were here.
I am wishing this pain away.
You’ve left me…
             … so alone.

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