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The universe tends to unfold as it should.

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PTSD has probably won this morning. No one will probably even have suspected, because no one has even been paying attention to my cries.

But then again, if I fail, who would even visit me? If I don’t fail, who would even miss me?

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Vladimir Snape (V. Nigel Taylor) at New York Comic Con 2013

This was an interesting interview that about ‘headmaster’ Severus Snape. He eased more into character towards the latter part of the interview and it was awesome!

Q: “Has anyone every told you that you’re very intimidating?”

"Yes, all the time…always."

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Artwork - if you reblog please do not remove these credits: SempraseverusVizenProtoWilsonV. Nigel TaylorLogospilgrim

Callie (anon) asked: Professor do you have a favorite artist that draws you? I love Yukipon and Red Passion. I love how they both paint you and their sooooo good! Will you post any of their art? Please? Callie.

Miss Callie,

I believe that my favourite artist is the Deviant Artist Sempraseverus. Her style has a freedom, an abandon to it that bewitches me within the strokes of her pens and brushes. Her work never ceases to capture my attention.

An artist for her sense of humour (deadly, at times) is ProtoWilson. That bacon-devouring, troglodyte (written with great affection) has yet to fail to cause me to laugh. Once, to my own chagrin, right at the staff table in the Great Hall filled with students.

Lastly, I find that Vizen’s work causes me to appraise at myself. There is a flow about her work that is harsh, brutal perhaps, but within each image an aura touched by forgiveness. Vizen humbles me.

Then, I must mention a few cosplayers that fascinate me.

Vladimir Snape (V. Nigel Taylor) is a rather uncanny fellow when I review his photographs. I quite like his music - Platform One, as well.

Finally, my soul was long ago captured by Logospilgrim. She haunts my heart with her graciousness and her own deep respect of me within her life.

As to the two artists you mention, I am sorry to say that I will never allow any work by Yukipon on my blog. I am, frankly, disgusted by her pornographic and paedophilic portraits.

Red Passion’s work is quite good, but it, too, is mostly of an erotic nature that I cannot post here. The few pieces of a more temperate nature will be posted in time.


Professor S. Snape